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Venus trine Pluto

Swept Away

Kelli Fox

You'll both be swept away this week on the power and intensity of your feelings for each other. Suddenly, the love that exists between you is like a living, breathing organism, or an electric current of energy that runs between you and binds you like a cord. You're both aware of each other now in a way that you may not remember experiencing before, and this energy is rare and precious, so you should both honor and enjoy it.

Your sexual experiences with each other will be incredible now, to say the least -- passionate, full of ardor, a deeply moving experience for you both. You're in tune with each other at a deep level, possibly one that's deeper than either of you can fully understand; and that's fine. In fact, you'll both enjoy trying to get to the gold -- the pure, potent source of connection that draws you together and keeps you there, even through the rough times. This would be a good time to explore together the ins and outs of your relationship, in fact, especially if you've been dealing with any issues together of late. Now you can really get to the bottom of things -- the core of the core, so to speak.

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