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Venus trine Neptune

Get Into the Fantasy

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling sensitive and compassionate toward each other now, and as protective of your bond as you might be of a newborn child. This is a wonderful time to renew your feelings for each other, because you're both in an especially romantic mindset, and you're experiencing your bond as a warm, subtle current of energy that's running between you. That bond is always there, in fact; you just don't normally have the time or inclination to tap into it with such sensitivity.

That's why you shouldn't let this week pass you by without reveling in each other's love and company. A perfect date for you now would be something graceful and romantic; go out dancing or read a book of poetry together, or have a picnic on a blanket beside running water. Let your imaginations carry you away together. Sex takes on a spiritual feeling now; your lovemaking is more than two bodies meeting in physical passion. It's a way to express the true depths of your feelings for each other, and could be more emotional than physical. Fantasy play is especially enhanced for you now, as is anything that combines creativity with a heightened sense of your loving connection.

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