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Venus trine Mercury

Express Your Love

Kelli Fox

Whatever else you do this week, you should both be sure to spend some time putting your feelings for each other into words. Get as creative as you want with this sweet, romantic little project; your imaginations are sparked and you've both got love on your minds. Write a poem just for your honey; paint the way they make you feel on a canvas; or just send them an email telling them how cute and funny and all-around wonderful you think they are.

This is a time to express your mutual affection in whatever style works best for you. It's also a good time to discuss issues between you that would normally make things tense, because you're both focused now on harmony and sweetness, and unless there are other factors making things difficult between you, any discussions about the relationship or about your needs or desires should go well. You both want to please each other, and you both want to maintain the harmony, so it will take a lot to start an argument. A great date now will be something that you can discuss together afterward -- a movie, an art exhibit, a poetry reading, perhaps. Anything that stimulates conversation and creativity is right up your alley!

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