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Venus trine Mars

Turned On and Tuned In

Kelli Fox

You two are feeling really in love now. All the good things that come with it -- attraction, passion, excitement, warmth -- are in high gear this week. You've both got a renewed sense of just what it is that connects you, and keeps that connection going through the dull days and the difficult ones.

Ah, it's days like these that are the real gold of a relationship! You only have to look at each other this week to feel turned on and tuned in. Getting together with friends would be great now, if you can spare the one-on-one time -- you might just want to stay in together, with the bedroom door firmly shut! But you are both feeling social, and you should get out and have a good time with good friends. At home, you can give this new sensual energy running between you a boost by cooking together or doing something fun and hedonistic like taking a candlelit bath or giving each other massages. Whatever your desires might be this week, you should voice them, or otherwise make them known. You're both in the mood to pleasure each other, as much as you want to seek your own; you're both even more open than usual to fun, sexy, passionate play.

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