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Venus trine Jupiter

Outlook: Rosy

Kelli Fox

You two can really get other people on your side this week, and you can also appeal to each other to maximum effect. What projects do you have underway that you need help on? Are you moving, painting your kitchen, building a doghouse or a new fence?

Whatever it is, ask for help -- of each other, if you've been working alone, or of your mutual friends, if you've been doing it together. A team effort will really give it the push it needs. You're both very much in the mood for fun, so make it a good time by cooking up a big mess of food and passing out the paper plates. But this week shouldn't be all about work or projects; in fact, you two are probably feeling more lazy than industrious at the moment. You both just want to lie around, laughing together and generally enjoying each other's company. That big mess of food is still a good idea, though; throw a dinner party or a back yard barbecue, and invite everyone you know. A rollicking bash is just the thing to put a smile on your faces and make you both feel great! A road trip would be another way to expand your horizons and have fun together. Whatever you get up to, the outlook is rosy.

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