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Venus square Uranus

Temporarily Commitment-Shy

Kelli Fox

Neither one of you is respecting your bond as a couple this week as much as you should, so take care not to create a real mess. You're both feeling a bit rebellious; you've got grass-is-greener syndrome for the moment, and you both might start wondering if there might be someone out there who's just a little more interesting and exciting. Well, the answer is, probably so.

But so what? Someone else might excite you more, but they would come along with their own problems and personality quirks that you'd have to learn to put up with -- which, after a while, would dim your sense of excitement and newness. That's what's going on here; after all, you two found each other pretty exciting back in the beginning, when everything was new and the possibilities were limitless. Now you know each other a little better, including each other's foibles, and it's easy to get impatient with each other and even start thinking that maybe you should look for love somewhere else. Good thing this is a short period of instability; if you're both careful, neither of you will do or say anything you regret, and you'll both be glad next week when you remember how strong and important your bond truly is.

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