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Venus square Sun

Making Nice

Kelli Fox

You two may take a turn-the-other-cheek approach to the relationship this week, which might be just as well; otherwise, you could get into some serious arguments, and neither one of you is in the mood for that at the moment. Of course, arguments can be good, even if they're not pleasant; they clear the air and get issues out into the open. The fact that you're both more into preserving the harmony of the relationship now than you are in facing the harsh realities of your bond is okay, but there will be consequences later -- after all, you'll have to face things at some point, and often, putting it off can make it harder in the end.

But for the moment, you're just not interested in making waves. You both want to get along, so you may find yourselves biting your tongue when normally you'd speak your mind, or agreeing to something that you're actually not into. The truth is, you're both feeling just the teeniest bit insecure about your bond, and you're both turning to a bit of forced harmony as a way to reassure yourselves that you've still got it. So, go ahead and make nice; there will be time later to address any issues between you.

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