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Venus square Saturn

A Stressful Week

Kelli Fox

You're both focused on serious matters this week, duties and issues that require your focus and cause you stress or anxiety. You may not want to schedule any romantic dates, because if you go out together now, you'll both just be preoccupied -- worrying not only about whatever's already on your minds, but also about how much you're spending on dinner, whether you can afford the time away from your work and so on and so forth! It may be best now just to focus on whatever it is that you think you need to get done, because you'll be hard-pressed to have any fun anyway.

You both might waste some time fretting over the state of your relationship this week, because things seem at least a little bit cool and detached; even when you're together you could both feel lonely. You'd do well to remind yourselves that this is simply a phase, and a relatively short one at that. Your good humor and positive feelings for each other will come back in a week or so, as strong as ever; in fact, you could weaken them artificially just by worrying about them too much. Don't add insecurity about your bond to your already-full plate of worries!

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