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Venus square Pluto

Feeling Insecure

Kelli Fox

You could get into some battles of wills this week, either overt ones, such as out-and-out arguments, or more subtle ones that stay under the surface and bother both of you, consuming your thoughts and energy but never coming fully to light. You're both feeling more than a little insecure about your bond at the moment, and this could manifest itself in jealousy, fights or controlling behavior. But instead of lashing out or getting into a heated discussion, you might want to probe your own mind first about whatever it is that you think is bothering you.

Could it really be that you're feeling worried about your connection in general? It's likely that you're actually feeling a bit disconnected and insecure about the future of the relationship, so express those feelings rather than hurling accusations and trying to defend yourself against those of your honey. This period is actually a good one for getting down to the truth of things, so at least you've got that going for you -- although the discussions or arguments that ensue won't be much fun for either of you. Of course, you're both feeling extra passionate, so the kissing and making up could be truly inspirational!

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