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Venus square Neptune

A Rosy Dream of Love

Kelli Fox

The two of you are living out a dream this week -- a pleasant one, to be sure, but one that is distinctly separate from reality. You may both be putting each other and the relationship up on a pedestal, ignoring the very real flaws in each other and your bond; and for the moment, that's okay. But don't be surprised next week if the return of your normal sense of reality includes a feeling of letdown -- as if all those pretty dreams you wove together about your love are just flimsy fantasies, nothing that could ever stand up against the harsh reality of real life and relationships.

Both perspectives are wrong, by the way; romance by definition includes a bit of fantasy and idealism, and relationships by definition are difficult, requiring dedication and maintenance. There's no reason to swing from dreamy idealism to pessimism, but that's just what you'll do if you're not careful to remind yourselves of the truth about things. Speaking of truth, be sure to be honest with each other this week, even if you think you're telling a little white lie for the sake of preserving the peace. Any untruths you tell now will come back bigger and much worse later.

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