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Venus square Mercury

Afraid to Make Waves

Kelli Fox

You two really want to get along this week -- which, contrary to logic, could actually make things a bit difficult between you. Neither one of you is feeling very strong at the moment; you're both privately feeling a bit insecure about the relationship, and that could make you be more conciliatory with each other than is strictly necessary. You might both agree to things that you're not really interested in or compromise (meaning, back down) on issues that you really should take a stand on.

But you just don't want to get into an argument, or have any unpleasantness between you at all. It's understandable; fights and tension are no fun. But neither is fixing messes later that you created yourself by allowing yourself to be walked all over. Now, neither one of you is going to take advantage of the other purposefully; you've both got the same aim now, which is to get along and have a smooth connection. But do try to remember that keeping the peace isn't always the most important goal, especially if something truly important comes up between you this week. It's important to communicate clearly and honestly, especially about the big things, even if you're afraid you'll upset your honey.

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