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Venus square Mars

Aggressive Passions

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling passionate this week, but you could be a little too aggressive in getting your feelings and needs across to each other. Part of the problem is that each of you is so focused on your own needs at the moment. Your sensual encounters could feel a little off; though you'll both be very interested in hooking up, you're both pushing for your own desires to be met rather than trying to see what you could do to make your honey feel wonderful, and that creates a basic mismatch between you.

You might even end up turning each other off rather than stoking those fires, and arguments could ensue. After all, physical passion can turn quickly into temperamental passion -- the kind that leads to fights and hurt feelings. You're both feeling a bit competitive and confrontational, perhaps without even realizing it; you might start acting competitive and immature if you play board games or sports together. You also might argue this week over money issues; if so, you'll both represent your own perspective with that same passion that you're bringing to the relationship in general. Oh well -- at least there's no shortage of excitement between you!

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