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Venus square Jupiter

Play Now, Pay Later

Kelli Fox

You two are in the mood to indulge this week -- in rich foods, playing hooky from work and flirting not only with each other but whoever catches your eye. Neither of you wants to upset the other; far from it. But neither one of you has a sense of boundaries at the moment, and you might be a little bit indiscriminate in your affections.

So watch yourselves when you go out to a dinner party or other social gathering together! You might stick closely by each other's sides all night, annoying your friends with excessive PDA and bouts of giggling and whispering; or you might get a little loopy and chat up someone new and cute, thereby upsetting each other. Of course, neither one of you is in the mood for an argument; this week should be generally pleasurable, as you both just want to get along and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. And that's just the problem. Sticking to any kind of budget, routine or diet will fly out the window now, and you'd better believe your indulgences now mean you'll have to double up later on any efforts to save money, get work done or drop some pounds. Oh well; at least you'll both have a good time while you're at it.

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