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Venus sextile Venus

Soft Sighs and Tender Thrills

Kelli Fox

You two want nothing more than to spend time with each other this week, whether it's one-on-one or with friends -- as long as you're together. You're both experiencing a renewal of your attraction and adoration for each other. It's as if you're back in the first bloom of romance again -- all tender thrills, soft sighs and murmured words of affection.

You'll both feel amazed anew at your bond. 'How did we get so lucky as to find each other?' you'll ask one another, as you stare deeply into each other's eyes. What a nice feeling! You may not get a lot done around the house this week, because you just want to have an easy, relaxed and romantic time. Of course, if there have been any issues between you of late, they won't get dealt with now either. Neither one of you wants to rock the boat at the moment; you just want to get along and revel in the sweet harmony between you. There's nothing wrong with that; just know that if there are problems simmering between you, putting them on the back burner will only delay the inevitable. On the other hand, this week is so sweet that it could go a long way toward alleviating tensions.

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