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Venus sextile Uranus

Embrace the Unexpected

Kelli Fox

During a week like this one, it's best not to try too hard to stick to the status quo you two have established for your relationship. Instead, embrace the unexpected moments of sweetness that will arise, because that's what the current energy is all about -- spontaneous expression of your affection for each other. You're both feeling a little more energetic and playful than usual.

You want to connect with each other in a new way, so don't close yourselves off to your sweetie's suggestions -- and open yourselves up to exploring your own fantasies! This could be a really fun period if you open yourself up to all things wild, weird and wonderful. Also, stay open to unexpected get-togethers with old friends and new acquaintances. If you say yes to all social invitations -- and you should -- you're bound to get into something fun and new and different from what you normally do. And what could be better than that? If you let it, this period will go a long way toward revitalizing your interest in the relationship and broadening your sense of what's possible between the two of you.

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