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Venus sextile Saturn

A Serious Assessment

Kelli Fox

Spend some time this week discussing your relationship, including its weak points. You're both able to take a serious view of things now, without blinders or filters that can distort your view of reality. Though that may not seem very romantic, it's actually a good thing -- you're in touch with the truth of your relationship, which is the perfect foundation for improving anything that needs it.

Neither one of you is expecting more out of your bond than you're going to get, which means the pressure is off. Whew! That's when you can really start tackling the big issues and deciding whether or not you've made a match that's going to last. Now, that's not to scare you or make you uneasy; facing the truth can seem like a nerve-racking prospect, but in truth, you'll be able to do it as a team this week, calmly and honestly. The energy at work now ensures that any decisions you make as a couple regarding your bond are good ones. If you stay together, it's with your eyes wide open and fixed firmly on the future. If you decide that you're not as great of a match as you might wish, you'll be able to proceed from there with mutual respect and good wishes.

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