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Venus sextile Pluto

A Renewal of Love

Kelli Fox

This period marks a renewal of your deepest feelings of love and attraction for each other. You could have a lot of fun this week, especially if you honor your connection in a fun way that's out of the norm -- like reserving a hotel room for a romantic tryst away from home, even (or especially) if you live together! You can really peel back the layers of your connection now like an onion, getting to the sweet stuff that's deep inside.

If you talk things through, being completely honest with each other, you'll both come through this period feeling as if your bond has deepened and matured, even in the space of just a few days. If you've been going through any tensions together of late, this period will really go a long way toward strengthening your relationship. Old issues are suddenly illuminated with new understanding, and you both feel a new sense of tenderness and togetherness. And your sexual connection -- whew! Let's just say, things will really heat up between you now, with an emphasis on the emotional part of connecting on a physical level. Have a great week.

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