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Venus sextile Neptune

Share Your Fantasies

Kelli Fox

Don't try to get much done that's serious or business-oriented this week, because your hearts just won't be in it and you could end up missing important details, even if you're working together. Instead, this period should be about romance and relaxation, and nurturing the intuitive connection you share. You're both feeling extra tender and in tune with each other, and you'll want to avoid arguments even more than difficult or detailed work.

Now is the perfect time to do something really romantic together, whether it's just cuddling together on the couch and sharing your dreams and fantasies or something more imaginative than that. A good date now might be attending a play, a poetry reading or a gallery opening, but you'll also be perfectly content with staying home and renting a movie. Napping together is also fun now, and you might both need the rest -- your combined energy levels are low at the moment. Indulging in dreams and fantasies is the main focus of this period. When you have to be apart, taking care of the business of your day, be sure to call up your sweetie or send them an email to let them know you're thinking of them.

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