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Venus sextile Mercury

A Warm, Easy Connection

Kelli Fox

You could just have a really good time together this week, chatting over romantic dinners and reconnecting with exactly why it is that you adore each other; or you could actually make some progress through any relationship issues that may have been bothering you lately. This week would be good for either or both, as it's a time to reaffirm your romantic connection and let each other know just how you feel about each other. You could even take care of a little business as a team this week, in a fun way.

This period is perfect for networking in a social sphere, such as taking one of your bosses out to dinner or attending a fundraiser for a cause you both believe in. When you're together, conversation will flow not only with each other but with everyone you come into contact with. Basically, you two can charm anyone now, starting with one another! So use the current energy as a gift that's to your advantage. Talk over an issue if there's anything that's been upsetting you lately; make a good impression on your boss or an associate. You're projecting a wonderful image now, that of a couple who's warm and loving, vibrant and appealing.

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