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Venus sextile Mars

A Couple of Lovebirds

Kelli Fox

What's up, lovebirds? That's you two this week -- a couple of lovebirds sitting together in the sun, cooing softly as you stroke each other's feathers. This should be a fun week; any tensions in your relationship are alleviated as you reconnect with all the reasons why you adore each other.

Your attraction toward each other reaches a definite high this week, so make sure to leave time for a little one-on-one behind closed doors! Getting together with friends is also a priority now, as is getting out of the house, so you probably won't want to spend all your time together in the bedroom. The only thing you may not want to do together this week is the not-so-fun stuff -- cleaning, arguing, taking care of whatever business may be on your plates... But that's okay. This is a relatively short period and it should be enjoyed for its own sake. Dinner parties with friends are especially fun now, as are shopping trips. Even window shopping gives you a kick, because it will fill your minds with ideas for all the things you want to purchase in the future -- but dropping some cash on something fun might feel even better now, whether you can afford it or not!

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