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Venus sextile Jupiter

In Your Favor

Kelli Fox

Your mood as a couple during this period is the type in which you'd be perfectly happy with a backyard barbecue and all your best friends in attendance -- even if it's only thirty degrees outside! You've got enough warmth in your hearts at the moment to combat even the coldest temperatures! Your loving feelings are renewed this week, and you also want to reach out as a couple to your loved ones and let them know you care about them.

Any business you have on your plates as a duo should go very well; together you'll charm your boss or their business associate, and you'll have your loan officer laughing and wanting to cut you a deal. In fact, this could be a 'lucky' week for you two. Opportunities may fall into your laps, delighting you and making you feel as if the universe is working in your favor, when what's really going on is that you're getting back some of that sweet, generous energy you're putting out into the world. Last but not least, this is a wonderful time to get in touch with the beliefs that you share as a couple, whatever that means for you. It's a perfect time to be contemplative, to meditate on the things that matter most to you in the world.

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