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Venus opposite Venus

Faking It

Kelli Fox

You two are bottling up your feelings this week instead of talking them out together. You may even push those feelings down and deny them to yourself, because you don't want to face them. Haven't you learned by now that that method never works?

If you did talk it out, you'd find you're both feeling similar -- a bit lonely, insecure, even underappreciated. But it's more likely that you'll both try the 'fake it till you make it' route. You might pretend intimacy that you don't feel, not realizing that your honey can see right through you -- except, of course, when they're too busy dealing with their own mixed up feelings. Another route might be to pout and whine, or start an argument about an unrelated subject just to get some interaction going, and some heat. Faking it is much more likely this week than behaving passive-aggressively, though. You'd rather plaster a smile on your face than start a fight, because you don't want to be alone now and you'll do what it takes to make that happen. But if you can open up and talk about whatever insecurities are worrying you inside, you'll make a better and more genuine connection with your honey.

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