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Venus opposite Uranus

Like a Pinball

Kelli Fox

Your feelings for each other are probably pinging here, there and everywhere this week, like a ball in a pinball machine -- all flash and reaction, with very little focus or direction. One minute you might feel close and connected, and then the next, you're feeling standoffish and aloof, as if you wouldn't care if the relationship ended tomorrow. But this is just a short period, and you should both try to remember your true feelings for each other, despite what you might feel in the moment.

Otherwise, you might end up saying or doing things you'll wish later that you hadn't. A better way to express this unpredictable energy is through doing something new and unusual together. Try a new restaurant, or take a spontaneous road trip to a nearby town where you can explore and see something brand-new to you. If you go out together with a group this week, you'll probably feel as if you stick out like a sore thumb. The group will be talking and laughing while the two of you sit there stone-silent, or vice versa; or the group will take one collective point of view on a topic of conversation, and you two will see it the exact opposite way. Well, at least disagreements and tension aren't boring!

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