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Venus opposite Sun

Extremely Unmotivated

Kelli Fox

Self-indulgence will play a big role in your relationship this week. Neither one of you feels like getting serious about anything when you're together; you'd both much rather lie around together than clean the house, pay the bills, get to work on time... You might even be so lazy that you'll call out for dinner to be delivered rather than having to go to the store and make your own meals!

While everyone gets into these moods sometimes, you two should guard this week against dragging each other down -- in a very pleasurable way, of course. It's just that you'll both be negative motivators for each other. When one of you wants to sleep in and play hooky from work for a few hours, the other will be more than happy to join in the fun -- and then you'll have two annoyed bosses who want to have words with you. But neither one of you is in any mood for confrontation! So why bring that kind of trouble on? Instead of just checking out of every responsibility you have this week, you would do much better to perform at least the essential tasks. If that means you can't hang out together for a few days because of your bent for mutual self-indulgence, then so be it.

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