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Venus opposite Pluto

Dark Passions

Kelli Fox

You two are both reacting against the slightest provocations this week. You've got a strange energy at work inside you; you're up, you're down, calm one minute and then in a huff the next. If you like dramatics and excitement, you may have fun with this period.

If not, you may get more than a little annoyed with the minefield that's suddenly your relationship -- and that sense of annoyance will only add to the mess. Just remember, this, too, shall pass! In the meantime, try to keep calm, and be honest about whatever it is that's bubbling up inside you. Are you feeling jealous? Possessive? Insecure about the bond you share with your sweetie? Sexual obsession is a big possibility now, whether you're projecting it at your lover or at someone outside the relationship. If you two have roving eyes this week, you could really push each other to jealous extremes, so instead, think about what it is you're trying to avoid by focusing on someone other than your partner. And if your intense, uncomfortable feelings are for your partner alone, then consider their source. If it's that you're worried the relationship will end, talk it out instead of acting out all the dark passions inside you.

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