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Venus opposite Neptune

Seeing Each Other Through Fog

Kelli Fox

When you two get together this week, you won't exactly be dealing with each other. You'll both be more interested in your own, personal perception of the person you see in front of you, rather than the one that's actually there. The truth is, neither one of you is seeing yourself clearly at the moment, either.

You're both in a strange, nebulous cloud of romanticism, loneliness, sentimentality, mixed signals... Lots of contradictions there, right? And that exactly describes you both, at the moment. You'll have a hard time connecting with each other because you can hardly even connect with yourself -- with your own needs or desires. It's highly possible that you'll each misread each other or your relationship this week. A sense of unreality abounds now; whatever read you're getting on your partner, it's probably off. If you're feeling idealistic about the love that you share, you can expect a comedown in a week or two, when reality (read: flaws) comes crashing back in. Take special care now not to mislead each other in any way -- even if you're trying to be sweet or romantic. It's not worth the feelings of disillusionment that will come later.

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