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Venus opposite Mercury

The Meat of the Matter

Kelli Fox

You and your sweetie will probably run into a snag or two in your communication this week, and while it may not be pleasant, ultimately, it's probably a good thing. There are a few issues between you that have been on the back burner lately, and now they'll come to the forefront. No, it's no fun to argue, but you need to have it out sooner or later, don't you?

And now is as good a time as any. It won't feel like that in the moment, though. In the moment, all you'll be aware of is your own hurt feelings. Something your honey says will rub you the wrong way, and you'll get defensive, thinking they took a jab at you when really, you were just being a little too sensitive. But again, that sensitivity points to an area of real tension between you. You wouldn't feel sensitive or defensive if there weren't a real issue there that needs to be resolved, regardless of whether it originates within you or within them. Either way, it needs to get talked out. You may have a few false starts, meaning, silly, dramatic arguments that go nowhere fast. But sooner or later, you'll get down to the meat of the conversation: what's really going on between you, and what you're going to do about it.

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