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Venus opposite Jupiter

Easily Distracted

Kelli Fox

Let's hope you two don't have any pressing business to tend to this week, like, say, work or paying the bills, because when you get together, neither one of you will be in the mood to buckle down. Instead, you both want to relax together, enjoying good food, long naps and some fine cuddle sessions. Getting up early to make it to work on time will feel like an impossibility this week, as will dragging yourselves to the gym or sticking to your diets.

Even if you try to do those things together for the added motivation, you'll probably end up poking each other and making each other giggle, and then off you'll be, acting like a couple of silly teenagers instead of two responsible people with duties to attend to! If you don't live together, now may be a good time to spend a few nights apart, because if you get together you're just going to distract each other. Especially if you've got a lot of work to do or a big project on your plate, you should keep your distance -- because you're both really persuasive when it comes to playing hooky! Overspending is another big possibility for this period, so if you can't afford a shopping spree, wait till next week to get together.

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