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Venus conjunct Venus

Seeing Stars

Kelli Fox

Ooh, la la -- the two of you are going through a major renewal of your attraction to each other this week! Your loving feelings are warm and strong, and when you look at each other, you get a little thrill in your heart (and perhaps in other regions as well). Basically, you're both wearing rose-colored glasses for the moment, and when you look at each other, you'll both see stars.

You'll probably want to make room for some romantic one-on-one time, but getting together with your friends is also a great idea now. Whatever you do this week -- go out to a dinner party, stay in for a little romantic tete-a-tete, go on a date to a fine restaurant, a museum or a walk around the lake -- you'll both have eyes only for each other. You may not stay within your budget or on your diet now, because you want to indulge yourselves and each other with sweet, sugary treats, little gifts that express your devotion and more -- but that's okay. Do try not to go overboard in a big way, but this is a time to enjoy yourselves and each other. You're in touch with all that you admire about each other, and it's periods like this one that keep you afloat through rougher waters.

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