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Venus conjunct Uranus

Seeking Some Excitement

Kelli Fox

Neither of you will be satisfied with the same old, same old this week. You're both looking for a little adventure, some excitement to match the revved-up energy you've got bubbling inside you, and you should put some effort into making that happen -- because under the current energy, creating and controlling the excitement is better than waiting for it to manifest itself. If you wait for something new and different to fall in your laps, it might not be what you were looking for.

There's even the possibility now that you'll both feel attracted to other people rather than to each other. If so, it would be far better to ignore your feelings than to act on them; but better yet, why not make something fun and kinky happen with your sweetie? You might act out those fantasies you've been indulging in or make a date to do something new and different, something neither of you has ever tried before. After all, the bond you've got together should be strong enough to withstand a week or so of roving eyes and embellished fantasies; and you can turn that taste for something new into a fun and exciting experience that's just for the two of you to enjoy together.

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