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Venus conjunct Sun

Love Shining Strong

Kelli Fox

The love between you will shine strong and bright this week. Your mutual attraction is on high; when you look at each other now, you'll both feel a little rush of gladness and excitement -- what a wonderful bond you've got! What an amazing person you're in love with!

Your good feelings about the relationship are at the forefront now. If any issues between you have been making things a little tense of late, now you can reconnect with your more positive feelings about the relationship -- and what a relief. Neither one of you cares right now about whatever may have been bothering you. You don't want to sweat the small stuff any more than you want to address the big stuff; you don't even want to be serious together right now! You're much more in the mood to cuddle, laugh, have a great time and get a little closer. This is a great time to go out on a date, just the two of you, or to spend time with friends, laughing and having fun. Do be careful about how much you spend on each other this week; you're both in the mood to be indulgent, and you might end up overdrawing your checking account if you're not careful. Oh well -- at least it'll be fun!

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