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Venus conjunct Saturn

Make an Effort to Keep it Light

Kelli Fox

Whatever you two have to accomplish this week as a team -- paying bills, cleaning the house, making plans for the future and so on -- make sure that it involves at least a bit of pleasure. If you're busy setting the house to rights, turn on the stereo and dance your way through the ordinarily tedious chore. If you're paying bills, take each other out for dinner or a sweet treat when you're finished -- keeping it economical, of course!

If you're having a planning session about something in the future, like a project or a trip, bake some cookies or muffins together first and have some tea while you talk. You'll both benefit from keeping things pleasant and fun, even when you've got business to attend to. And in general, you will have something that needs your attention this week, whether it's something mundane like the above-mentioned chores or something more personal -- like thinking or making a decision about the relationship itself. You're both concerned with serious matters at the moment, and you might even feel a bit detached from each other; all the more reason to make that extra effort to connect in a sweet way. Keeping it light will help you both get through it.

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