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Venus conjunct Neptune

Puppy-Dog Eyes

Kelli Fox

You two will look at each other with puppy-dog eyes all week. You feel especially in love at the moment -- suffused with love, even. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

And yes, this state of pure, rose-colored romance should be a lot of fun for both of you. The only problem is, you're both so blinded by your wonderful, swelling feelings for each other that you may ignore the less-than-desirable realities of your relationship, which could come back to bite you later. Oh well; for the moment, just enjoy putting each other on a pedestal and seeing stars whenever you look into one another's eyes. This is a good time to blend romance with art; make a date to go see a play or a movie together, or attend a book reading or an art exhibit. Anything that inspires your creativity as a couple is a good thing. If either of you has artistic leanings, now would be a wonderful time to start a creative project together. Just make sure not to mislead each other this week in any way. Next week, when your normal sense of reality returns, you could feel really duped and upset if you find that your sweetie hasn't been completely truthful with you -- even if it was a little white lie told in the name of harmony.

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