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Venus conjunct Mercury

Silver-Tongued Expressions of Love

Kelli Fox

Whether you're together in the same house or city this week or far away from each other, you'll both feel very warmly and closely connected. You're both in the mood now to express your love for each other in definite yet romantic terms -- a sweet message left on your honey's voice mail, letting them know you're thinking about them; a love poem penned with them in mind, left on their pillow at night. You'll probably think of each other a lot this week, when you're apart; you'll call each other every chance you get, and when you're together, your conversations will roam far and wide.

But always, you'll come back to the wonderful, loving connection that you share. You're both really glad this week for your bond, and you're in the mood to say so -- to let that be known. This is a great time to make a date together to go see an art exhibit or take a drive in the country -- anything that will spark your creativity and get the conversation flowing. Keep your dates on the fancier, more refined side. You're both in the mood to enjoy yourselves in style, and surrounding yourselves with lushness and grace will increase those qualities within yourselves and the relationship.

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