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Venus conjunct Mars

Revved and Ready

Kelli Fox

You two are all revved up and ready to go this week. You're feeling passionate toward each other and about the relationship itself. You can expect some major fireworks behind closed doors...or out in the open, if the mood strikes when you're out on a date or even in the grocery store together!

In fact, PDA could be a really fun and spontaneous way to express your feelings for each other this week; just be sure keep it G-rated! Going outside the bounds of decency won't be much of a problem now, though, because while your passion for each other is on high, you're both still conscious of social tact and grace. Still, your blood is up and humming and you want to have fun together. Whatever you get up to, excitement is the name of your game. Whichever one of you is normally the aggressor in the relationship, you'll be in an especially forward mood; but both of you will take turns initiating adventures, because you've both got that feeling -- that need to make something happen, something that reflects the passion and energy you're feeling inside. Playing sports together could be just as fun this week as spending time in the bedroom.

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