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Uranus trine Venus

Love, Creativity and Popularity

Kelli Fox

Your romance will take on a whole new flavor this year, as an exciting energy sparks up your connection and puts you in the mood to connect in ways you never have before. You're both into dreaming up creative ways of showing your honey how you feel about them during this transit, but you're also both into getting out of the house and meeting up with both old and new friends -- anyone who can open your eyes to the wonders of the world you're living in. Other people with perspectives that are different from your own delight you now, and better yet, you two are delighting them as well!

You're likely to get lots of invitations, as you're at the top of everyone's list of fun people to invite to their bashes. Money could flow really nicely for you this year, too; like your relationship and your social lives, those wheels are greased now and things just seem easier. More plentiful. Ready for fun! Above all, creativity and spontaneity should be your watchwords this year in all that you do, whether it's a special one-on-one date with just the two of you, a get-together with friends or a project you're working on together.

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