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Uranus trine Uranus

A Refreshing Air of Change

Kelli Fox

If either of you has been feeling restless in the relationship lately, this transit can help. It gives you a way to bring about changes in a positive way instead of creating upheaval and chaos between you. And change is needed; perhaps you've been taking each other for granted, or maybe you're just stuck in a routine together and it's time to breathe fresh air into your connection.

Whatever the source of the trouble is, this energy will be a big help if you're open to its effects. So, the only question is, what area of your relationship needs revamping? Is it the expectations you have of each other? The type of commitment you've made to each other, or maybe the lack thereof? Whatever it is, address it now with creativity and one eye firmly on the future. Remember that it's better to make positive changes now, ones that probably won't rock the boat in any major or disruptive way, than to make more sudden, upsetting ones later. Best of all, when you've made it through this year, you can look back at all the progress you made as individuals and as a couple, and know that it was all for the sake of good -- that every move was the right choice in the end.

Uranus trine Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Uranus in the Transit Chart

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