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Uranus trine Sun

A Brand-New Connection

Kelli Fox

What kind of relationship do you each want, and what kind of lover and partner do you want to be? Think about the answers to those questions, because the next year of your relationship will be about making positive innovations to create exactly the unique sort of bond that you dream of. There's a subtle current of excitement running just beneath the surface of things, making your day-to-day interactions more fun and interesting.

New friends will also play a role in the uniqueness of your experiences this year, so go out as much as you can and nurture new relationships. You both have a taste for something new and different, so don't try to stick to your usual routine. Instead, switch it up: Try out a new restaurant, one that serves spicy, exotic food that challenges your palates. Better yet, travel to the foreign country where that cuisine comes from, and experience it in person! Since this period is about the easing up of restrictions, that could apply to a tight schedule or budget as well -- meaning you two will have more time and money this year to make your dreams come true. If that's the case, use it to expand your lives and your perception of what's possible.

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