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Uranus trine Saturn

Improving the Foundations

Kelli Fox

Any problems you've been facing as a couple can be creatively resolved during the next several months, as you tackle life together with a new sense of imagination and inventiveness. Your relationship suddenly seems like a really exciting place to be, as you improve on the foundation you've built together and move toward your shared future with your eyes wide open and bright. Opportunities may open up for you now; whatever it is that you've always dreamed of doing together could suddenly fall into your lap, seemingly without either of you putting in any effort at all!

If you've been wanting to move, a great new apartment or house suddenly goes on the market, and you're the only ones bidding on it; if you've been hoping to find more time to travel together, suddenly one of you might be offered a job that takes you all over the world, and pays for your sweetie to come along for the ride. When these opportunities come up, be sure to reach out for them! You'll only be able to take full advantage of the blessings of this period if you're willing to be proactive -- to reach out, grab hold and take it from there.

Uranus trine Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Saturn in the Transit Chart

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  1. Carlene lachance on May 22, 2016 at 1:18 am

    Love your horoscopes and hope your romantic forecast couple reading proves true….it has been a horrible nine months in this relationship …except for the chemistry which has been unbelievable …..and we have a mental connection also….

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