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Uranus trine Pluto

A Period of Adjustment

Kelli Fox

Situations that are far greater than your relationship, such as shifts in politics or science or culture, will affect you this year on a personal level. You'll respond together to outside stimuli, processing new information and recognizing the need for change in your own lives. Maybe you've been living a bit unconsciously, according to values or beliefs that you haven't inspected closely for some time; if so, now you will do so, and together you'll figure out just what it is you truly believe in as a couple.

This will be a process of transformative change and discovery, but it could get a bit tricky at times. After all, you're probably both pretty comfortable with your lives the way you've been leading them. But even so, the air of change and growth will stimulate both your minds and hearts, and make you eager to understand life as you're truly living it, not as you believe it exists. Your relationship itself may change through the course of this transit, and some long-held beliefs or desires could turn out to be obsolete. Trust in yourselves and your bond to withstand the uncertainty of this period, and you'll come through it stronger and more elevated people.

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