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Uranus trine Mars

A New and Different Energy

Kelli Fox

You're both feeling energetic, lively and ready to do something completely different this year, as a new and different energy permeates your relationship. You want new experiences, new sensations and perceptions, and you're willing to do what it takes to make that happen! So take that impromptu weekend road trip; extend it to a week if you can afford the cost and the time.

You'll definitely discover new surprises about yourselves and each other when you follow your impulses a little more than your usual routines allow. If you're forced to stick close to home, you can at least try a brand-new restaurant for dinner or a new route on your daily walk. This yearlong period should focus on regularly varying your usual patterns. Don't drive to work the same way twice; try a new cereal for breakfast. But most of all, make fun, innovative changes in the ways that you relate to each other, and stay active! Using your bodies as well as your minds is highlighted now. If you're dreaming of sailing around the world together, then put your backs into designing or building a boat. If you want a gorgeous, landscaped yard, don't hire out the job -- do it yourselves, together.

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