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Uranus square Uranus

Be Truthful with Yourselves

Kelli Fox

You've been through your fair share of ups and downs together, and you may think you've learned to weather them pretty well by now -- but the next year could change that perception entirely! This period could prove to be a difficult one as an erratic, unstable energy wells up in your relationship and makes both of you question exactly why you're together and what you want out of your shared future. And hey -- there's nothing wrong with questioning the status quo; in fact, that's the whole point and purpose of this period of your lives.

But does that make it fun? Well, it's all in how you deal with it. If you allow this year to be nothing more than a period of rebellion and upheaval, then things could get pretty difficult between you. You might both start to question the validity of the relationship, rather than looking at the deeper issues that are going on under the surface and bringing all this disruption. And what's going on under the surface? You're both being reminded that you're separate individuals, not a unit -- no matter how closely bonded you might normally feel. You're individuals, and you should celebrate that fact. Have fun with this period, if you can.

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