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Uranus square Sun

Moderate Changes

Kelli Fox

A mutual unwillingness to compromise could make things difficult in your relationship this year. The current energy is making both of you feel nervous and tense, and not knowing why you're so uptight will only compound the effects. A basic sort of restlessness is brewing beneath the surface, demanding that you do something about it -- but what to do?

Neither one of you knows. All you know is that you're sick of the status quo, and that feeling of frustration makes you irritable, snappish and generally no fun to be around. You may each feel tempted at various points to chuck it all -- toss the relationship out the window and hop on the first outbound plane, train or automobile headed for parts unknown. But doing something like that would not only be irresponsible and hurtful, it would just be beside the point. It's not that you need some dramatic, disruptive change to feel better; it's that you need to learn to preserve the balance between you while ushering in more moderate changes. Take a vacation together to someplace new. Take a class in a subject neither of you knows anything about. Find creative ways to breathe new life into your bond.

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