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Uranus square Saturn

Craving Yet Fearing Change

Kelli Fox

Your long-term goals as a couple could be shaken up during this transit, which spans a year. Suddenly, the basic structure of your relationship feels way too restrictive to endure for even another day! You both want to shake things up, and you might even be feeling just a little bit destructive -- but at the same time, you're both afraid of these changes, which makes the whole process a bit tricky.

You want your cake and you want to eat it too, and you also want to smash it up into delightful globs and smears of icing and crumbs. So which impulse will you follow? If you don't take yourselves and your own behavior in hand, you might create real chaos in your connection as you follow each impulse as it arrives -- a confusing experience for both of you. But if you can be a bit more focused and disciplined about things and hold yourselves back from reacting to every little thing, then you stand a chance of getting through this period in a graceful fashion. Remember that swinging back and forth like a yo-yo between 'I love you' and 'I hate you' will only breed distrust on both sides. Try to nurture a sense of continuity, even as you try to figure out which step to take next.

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