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Uranus square Neptune

Heads in the Sand

Kelli Fox

The real world holds little appeal for you two during this period. You're both feeling confused about the goals you share as a couple, which makes the future seem murky at best. But instead of trying to parse out what's going on between you and where you should be headed, you'll probably both stick your heads under the sand, hoping it'll all just go away or resolve itself.

The important decisions that you have to make this year could feel like too much to handle. Your response may be just to avoid them, putting them off until your heads are clearer -- but remember that this transit lasts a year! And some of these decisions won't wait for you to make up your minds. Tolerating this confusion is important now; the very fact that you're feeling confused is a sign that old beliefs are breaking down, and new ones need to take their place. Anything you've simply trusted in -- such as your loving connection -- will now be held up to the light and questioned. Instead of putting on blinders, open your eyes and see what's truly there. You may find out that it's something much different than you thought. Wouldn't you like to find out now, rather than much later?

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