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Uranus square Mercury

Running Yourselves Ragged

Kelli Fox

Life will pick up speed over the next year, and your relationship will definitely feel the effects. Your minds are moving at a frenetic pace, which isn't too comfortable. Your conversations might move so fast that you actually misunderstand each other, because it's hard to read signposts when they're whizzing by at warp speed!

Miscommunications will frustrate you both, which will lead to arguments, and so the cycle will go unless you can both make a conscious effort to slow down and communicate more carefully. Trying to do that might just be a lost cause, however. You're both filled with nervous energy. You may not be sleeping well at night, which will only increase your sense of being wired up during the day; you're just not relaxing enough! It's a good idea to place a premium on relaxation this year. Take a vacation together to the mountains or a spa resort -- someplace where you can let the concerns of your daily life just fall away. When you're at home together at night, rub each other's feet and drink chamomile tea to relax for the night. And most of all, listen -- to each other and to anyone else who's trying to get through to you.

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