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Uranus sextile Venus

Being More Sociable

Kelli Fox

You could become more romantic with each other this year than you've ever been before, because a creative spark is enlivening your relationship during this period, making you both think of brand-new ways to let each other know how much you care. But this exciting energy isn't confined to just your connection; it will also influence your friendships with other people. You're both in the mood now to be social, to get out of the house and get together with groups of friends who are doing something fun and different.

You're likely to make new friends during this transit, ones who open your eyes even wider to the possibilities the world holds for you. The emphasis now should be on creative, original ways to connect with each other and with other friends, and to express your affection for each other and the people around you. This year should also bring you something positive in the way of finances, too. Unusual investments may work out better than you thought, or a new source of income could develop in a surprising arena. At the very least, you should have enough extra cash to go out a little more often with your friends.

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