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Uranus sextile Uranus

Fun and Independence

Kelli Fox

At this point in your lives, you two are solid enough within yourselves to understand the need for balance in a relationship -- balance between togetherness and personal independence. That's what this year is all about: There's a feeling of excitement that's bubbling just beneath the surface of your relationship, and you're both feeling a little bit keyed up. You both know you can afford your sweetie the same kind of freedom that you crave -- demand, even -- without getting caught up in those old jealousy games that are so tiresome.

And so, this could be a tremendous year of growth for both of you, one that takes you in directions you would never expect until you're already hurtling down that path! The excitement you're both feeling can certainly be used for the benefit of your connection with each other, of course. Traveling, reading or taking a class together would be a great way to get your minds moving and introduce new, never-before-conceived-of ideas to your relationship. Whatever you do together, the focus should be on new experience -- discussing brand-new subjects and opening yourselves to brand-new sensations.

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