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Uranus sextile Sun

Eradicating Restrictions

Kelli Fox

This could be a year of change for you two -- the best kind of change, the kind that brings you closer to the sort of relationship you want to have and the sort of partners and lovers you want to be. You may both sense the subtle current of excitement that's running beneath the surface of your bond, calling out to you, asking you to do something different and bold. Anything that has been holding you two back lately -- something within the relationship itself, such as a way that you communicate with each other that doesn't work, or something outside your bond, such as a friend or family member who doesn't approve of your relationship -- is to be faced and dealt with now.

You don't want to live under restraints any longer; you want to come up with creative ways to make the life you share bigger and better. If money has been a problem between you, you might think up a new business to launch or some other moneymaking or -saving endeavor. If time has been the problem, you'll get serious about changing your jobs or your lifestyles to better suit the relationship. Whatever the issues are, this is your chance to improve them.

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