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Uranus sextile Saturn

The Best Kind of Changes

Kelli Fox

Get ready to make the best kind of changes this year -- the kind that you'll make together with open minds and hearts, for the good of the relationship as a whole. Anything that hasn't been working well between you can be cleared up now, with an approach that's both creative and disciplined. You can also improve things outside your relationship that will benefit the two of you, such as moving to a newer, nicer apartment or house, creating a budget you can both stick to and so on.

Part of what is working so well now is that you're both aware of your complementary strengths, and you're each appreciative of what the other brings to this relationship. You can also take a logical approach to problems instead of an emotional one, which can work better -- your heads are leading instead of your hearts, so you can be both innovative and focused in your fix-it methods. You're grounded together, but your thinking is inventive, so you've got the best of both worlds: Your feet are firmly on the ground, your energy is high, and your minds are moving fast. Use this period to make those overdue changes that will make your lives better and your connection stronger.

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